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Temperament And Student Preferences Assessment - A Waldorf Perspective

Table 4:

Temperament Number & Types of answers
Melancholic - when I have nothing to do- I don’t know- at school everything is boring, but it’s the only way we can learn
Choleric - Religion
Sanguine - when we read a lesson (*2)- nothing bores me (*2); everything is beautiful and interesting - I don’t know- when teacher scolds the bad children and it takes away from our class- when we talk without writing - when my colleagues do not want to sit still during the class and the teacher doesn’t scold them - when we are told sometimes to recite poetries
Phlegmatic - nothing (*3); on the contrary, I am enthusiastic - when the teacher speaks all the time - Music- when the teacher scolds the disobedient children and it takes away from our class- German- that we talk too much; I want to act- when a child does not know and all the class is waiting for his answer- when we repeat the same thing all over again- when we learn the notes, because I already know them- when we have to tell children, who are not paying attention that they have to stop talking or others- when the teacher loses time with those who do not listen- when the teacher has a chat with the kids who bother the classes
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