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Mental Training Strategies For 3x3 Women’s Basketball University Teams

Table 4:

Relax arms, neck and palm muscles, contracting and then releasing muscle tension. Understand the signals of your body: do not interpret a “ rapid hearbeat” wrongly” (which is a sign you are not prepared) as being a sign of stress. Try rather the easy than the hard way. Practice breath control (take a slow breath by breathing deeply). Expire when you shot at the basket Smile when you feel stress. Shake your hands, shoulders and neck; create a powerful mental and physical image/ ritual: show that you are confident, calm and under control Admit that you begin to feel nervous. However, do not ever be afraid to become nervous because it is a sign you are in the game and you care. Treat situation with a normal reaction, manage it really. Use relaxation techniques: progressive relaxation, autogenic training Use supportive key words: „detach”, „relax” Focus on things you can control. Concentrate upon the play and do your best. Stay in the present, set a specific goal for every point and situation. Do not think “I should not crack”. Do not think negative. Feel well: see the funny side of a situation and have a positive and constructive attitude in front of adversity. When pressure increases, be more aggressive and play basketball. Play to win rather than play not to lose. Leave mistakes behind. Set a good game plan and stick to it. Listen to slow music, quietly.
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