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The Value Of The Content In The Network Resources Sports

Table 1:

Model of social value systems Main content Type of start
1. Functional model The instrumental nature of the sports activitiesPractical achievements of sport Sport of the highest achievements Mass sport
2. Competitive model Competitive activity. Value norms and rules of "fair play". Victories. Ratings. Sport of the highest achievements
3.Business model Sports show, show as a businessVariety of forms, methods and means of the market of sports and health and sports services Olympic sportHigh performance sportsRecreational sports
4. Political model Political and socio-cultural activities of international sports. Sports diplomacy. Value orientations in national image-making and sports branding Olympic sportHigh performance sports
5. Expressive model The positive emotions, the pleasure of sportsHealth and active lifestyle values Mass sportRecreational sports
6. Media model Information and communication activities of sports organizations to cover events and sports brands Olympic sportHigh performance sportsRecreational and mass sports
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