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The Image Of A Hero And A Patriot: A Psycholinguistic Aspect

Table 4:

A hero A patriot
A person A citizen
Freer More dependent, positioned
Handsome Confident
Brave, strong Active, faithful, loyal
Distanant exit for his limits Wandering in his limits
Actions prevail Words prevail
Individual consequences, everyone can become a hero Group consequences, "Gathers the crowd around themselves on the street"
Helps out other people, rescue them Loves and defends the interests of the Motherland
Sacrifices himself, «red snake burried in the ground» Prefers to say (speak), to hold a meeting but not to bring himself before death
Being true to myself Being true to the Fatherland
To lay down their life for an idea To lay down their life for the Motherland
Deeds, acts Words, believes, defends
A warrior, "knight", winner, "ahead of all" “Fighter for rights”, a participant, along with all
Unity with the world, to go into the world and show yourself Merged with the house, acts in his house (interest to the world is minimal)
«model» «demonstration»
A moment, goal, outcome, result Process (to defend)
Right moment Always relevant
A parent role, "Dad" Parental manifestation: the "instinct of motherhood"
A hero A patriot
Brave Brave
Protects Protects
A flag A flag
A feat A feat
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