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Analysis Of Official Documents Regarding The Role Of Inspectors- The Israeli Case

Table 1:

Components of the job - Themes Goals of the job-Categories
Pedagogical development Promoting and improving teaching and learning processes
Improvement of pedagogical knowledge in schools
Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the education system
Organization and management Implementation of the Ministry of Education policy
Promoting the goals of the education system
Formulation of school policy
Implementing school policy
Maintain proper school practices and pedagogy
Improving the level of educational work processes in schools
Locating, developing and regulating human resources in the district
Collecting and optimizing resources to provide an appropriate response to schools
Feedback, monitoring, control and evaluation Promote an optimal social and educational climate in schools
Promoting student achievement in schools
Improving the level of educational work processes in schools
Evaluation of the quality of management of school principals
Development of human resources Empowerment and support for school leadership
Professional development of the school principal and his staff
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