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Self-Actualization And Formation Of The Civiс Position Of Students Of Pedagogical Specialties

Table 1:

Self-actualizing person (G. Allport, A.G. Maslow, K. Rogers, A.A. Bodalev, etc.) A person with a formed civic position (V.T. Lisovsky, Yu.V. Berezutsky, T.V. Abramyan, G.N. Filonov, P.A. Baranov, etc.)
1. Freshness of perception, flexibility, openness to experience the new, the ability to live in the present 1. Awareness of what is happening
2. Deep personal relationships, natural trust 2. Acceptance of universal moral values
3. Autosympathy, emotional self-acceptance 3. Self esteem
4. Acceptance of others, sincerity 4. Humanism of mutual relations of people, mutual respect, respect for the state
5. Centering on the problem, creation of the environment for one’s own development, the ability to self-development 5. Striving for personal and social development, harmonization of personal and social interests
6. Naturalness, simplicity, wide border of I 6. Recognition of the identity of each member of society
7. The need for privacy, autonomy, non-conformism 7. Independence in decision making and the ability to be responsible for the consequences of the decisions made
8. Vertex experiences, ultimate commitment 8. Diligence, determination, ability to defend their own and public interests
9. Public interest, the desire to implement socially important ideas 9. Realization of social values, social activity, law-abidance
10. Creativity, philosophical sense of humor and self-irony 10. High level of culture
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