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Visualization Technologies For Innovative Processes Of Agricultural Production Industries

Table 1:

Tasks Levels
Operational Strategic
Efficient allocation and rational use of limited resources that are available in the enterprise; Competent and clear setting of tasks for all departments and services of the enterprise, based on their relationship with a single strategic goal in the planning period;
Adjusting the work schedules, considering changes in the external environment, internal environment and other market conditions; Reasonable choice of development goals for each individual unit of the enterprise, considering existing market requirements and planned outcomes;
Use for processing large arrays of reference and regulatory information, implementation of current calculations and construction of network models of modern computer equipment; Forecasting the implementation of the main stages of work focused on the critical path, timely adoption of the necessary managerial and planning decisions on the timing of the adjustment;
Involvement of future direct implementers of the main stages of the upcoming work, who are highly qualified and have relevant experience, in the creation of plans and projects; Carrying out a multivariate economic analysis of various kinds of technological methods and successive ways to accomplish the tasks and analysis of allocation of resources to achieve the desired results;
Prompt receipt of the necessary planning data on the actual status of the work, costs and production results; Ensuring interaction in the process of planning and managing work in a long-term overall strategy with short-term specific objectives of the enterprise.
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