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The Digitalization Of Agriculture As A Priority Direction Of Russian Economic’s Development

Table 2:

Author Components of digital economy
D. Tapscot Knowledge management, digital communication, virtualization, molecularization, integration through the internet, avoiding intermediaries, convergence, innovation, customization of consumption, instant response, globalization, the growth of contradictions in society.
T. Mesenbourg E-business infrastructure, including software, computer technology, e-commerce, the increase in the value of traditional industries with the use of digital technologies, the difference in the value of the workforce of the digital economy in comparison with the traditional (demographic and worker characteristics), changes in the added value of products and services of the digital economy (price behavior).
A. Kuncman Sphere of production, distribution and consumption of scientific and technical information by means of digital information technologies
R. Asanov Business specializing in electronic production, fulfills production processes, money transfers as well as management and interaction with customers wit the help of the internet technologies
B. Panshin Public administration, consulting and information services, finance, wholesale and retail trade as well as the provision of various public, personal and social services
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