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The Ecosystem Of Russian Technoparks: The Issues Of Creation And Development

Table 4:

Hard elements of the ecosystem Soft elements of the ecosystem
FL of 07.04.1999 №70-FL “On the status of a science city of the Russian Federation” 1995. National commonwealth of business incubators
2000. Venture innovation fund with Russian venture capital Federal program of state support for small business in the Russian Federation for 1998-1999
Conducting state-public accreditation of technoparks 1999-2000 The interdepartmental program of activating innovative activity in the scientific and technical sphere of Russia for 1998–2000
The Ministry of Science and Technology initiated the creation of centers for the promotion (transfer) of technologies in 2003 2000 Creation of a non-profit organization “Union of innovation and technology centers of Russia” – “Union of ITC of Russia”
2005 Federal Law “On special economic zones in the Russian Federation” Since 2005, the State Financial Program for the support of small and medium enterprises
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