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The Ecosystem Of Russian Technoparks: The Issues Of Creation And Development

Table 1:

Hard elements of the ecosystem Soft elements of the ecosystem
Higher educational institutions of the USSR International scientific seminar (1990)
Scientific institutions of the USSR Academy of Sciences Association of technoparks in higher school (1990)
The country's first science and technology park was established (in Tomsk) Scientific conference on technoparks in Leningrad (1991)
Venture funds with foreign capital appeared (1991-1993) The “Technopark” association attracted funds from the European Bank for reconstruction and development, the “Know How” Fund under the Government of the United Kingdom, the TACIS and TACIS-BISTRO programs, the Eurasian Fund for carring out international educational projects for training 8 teams of managers of Russian leading technology parks and young, starting technology parks
State enterprises of the USSR
Scientific research cooperatives
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