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Perceptions In Primary Education: Water And Its Implications For Environmental Health

Table 1:

Codes Subcategories Categories Verbatim quotations
SP Personal Health Health (S) “Water keeps us hydrated” (P15: 2, 6:6)
HnS Unhealthy Habits Health (S) “You can’t drink unsafe water” (P11: 4, 6:6)
HS Healthy Habits Health (S) “Water is for drinking and showering…” (P50: 3, 8:8)
fSH Lack of Health and Hygiene Health and Higiene (SH) “Take a shower every day or you will get sick...” (P2: 24, 31:31)
IsS Impact on Health Health and Higiene (SH) “Wash your hands before eat...” (P2: 24, 31:31)
MAS Healthy Environment Environmental Health (SA) “Don’t throw things into the toilet bowl..” (P2: 24, 31:31)
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