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A Teachers’ Observation Tool For Critical And Self-Reflective Processes On Positive Pedagogical Practice

Table 2:

Cognitive category Attributes Indicators
Flow Facilitators I give importance to the process in tasks and activitiesI try to turn students’ motivation towards intrinsic motivation: I include their personal interests, I consider their personal objectives, …I propose challenges adequate for different abilities and levelsTasks are proposed as a sequence of consecutive simple and achievable tasksTasks are proposed in a flexible way, attending different abilities, learning styles, and multiple intelligencesSmall achievements are praised, and reinforced by positive feed-backThere is an on-going debate on the learning process, tasks, in a constructive, positive, resolute wayWe encourage the desire to learn, to ask questions
CompetenceSelf-efficacy Sense of competence Tasks allow students to apply their abilities and strengthsTasks are flexible, so students can decide how to deal with or approach itI perceive students’ interest by learning and acquire competences and abilitiesI facilitate students to reach their objectives
Growth Progress towards objectives I boost students to set their challenging, but realistic, goals Students are boost to develop learning contentsWe share and appreciate achievements, regarding cognitive learning, emotional and social learning
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