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A Teachers’ Observation Tool For Critical And Self-Reflective Processes On Positive Pedagogical Practice

Table 1:

Physical category Attributes Indicators
Physical Classroom Environment -I prepare an adequate physical environment in the classroom attending e.g.: space, temperature, furniture, materials, water, noises, light, music, …- I try everybody feel a safe, and supportive environment (without fears, worries by abilities, results, attitudes,)
Body -Students are free to move and find an adequate place-I introduce movement and relaxing activities-I appeal to body awareness (posture, fatigue, discomfort)
Body-Mind Balance I prepare spaces for resting, relaxing, concentration.
Nature Connection with nature is present through images, videos, activities
Contentment Positive Emotions I communicate positivity through verbal expression, body expression, behavior, gestures, …I feel pleased, interesting, content, enthusiastic, relaxedI transmit positive emotions with my attitude and the language I use
Emotional Regulation Strategies for emotional regulation I introduce techniques for regulation of attention and emotionsI pay attention to learning of emotions regulation from real situationsI try students can learn that a positive attitude and positive emotions are important in learning process
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