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Refugee Intervention: Gaps Between Academic Training And Professional Practice

Table 1:

Profile No. of people Description
University professors 18 Professors in the Departments of Communication and Education, Law, International Studies, Humanities and Philosophy, Psychology, Public International Law, International Relations and Public and Labour Law. Loyola University of Andalusia (Universidad Loyola Andalucía) (Seville), Pablo de Olavide University (Universidad Pablo de Olavide) (Seville) and the University of Huelva (Universidad de Huelva) (Seville).
Students 15 Second-year students from the Law and International Relations, International Relations, Communication and International Relations, and Business Administration and Management undergraduate degree programmes. Loyola University of Andalusia (Seville).
Social work professionals 18 Social workers, psychologists and NGO coordinators working with refugees, asylum seekers and forced migrants (Caritas, Acoge, Red Cross, Claver, CEPAIM, CEAR, etc.).
Refugees 9 Refugees, ex-refugees and forced migrants from Cameroon, Libya, Syria, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba and Algeria.
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