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The Corporate Personnel Training System Development: The Experience Of Russian Enterprises

Table 1:

Performance indicator Calculation Comment
Training budget as % of the payroll (company revenue, company profit) 18500000 /1250000000=1,48 % The calculation of the indicator makes sense only if information is available for other companies or for previous years (but there is a problem of comparability of data).
Budget for training 1 person per year 18500000/7676= 2410 rubles / 1 person. Can be considered by categories of personnel: engineers, workers, etc.
The load on one member of the staff training Department 7676/2=3838 people. The average number of personnel in the company on the number of employees in the structure.
"Capacity" of one employee of the personnel training department External: 76/2= 38 training sessions The ratio of the total number of training sessions (training units) to the number of staff in the training and development department. Disadvantage: training sessions differ in volume and complexity of the organization
Average cost of 1 day (1 hour) of training - The indicator is interesting in dynamics and in comparison. It should not grow more than the price of training in the market, and in comparison with others it should behave as prescribed by the strategy of working with suppliers The global trend of this indicator is to decrease due to the widespread use of e-learning and blended learning.
Training intensity - number of training hours per year per employee - Number of hours for external / internal training
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