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Motivation Of Students With Disabilities In The System Of Inclusive Higher Education

Table 1:

Kinds Content Characteristic
1.Cognitive 1.1. Wide cognitive Orientation to get new knowledge, facts, phenomena, patterns
1.2. Educational Orientation and understanding the ways to obtain knowledge, methods of independent knowledge acquisition
1.3. Self-education and self-expression Orientation to acquire additional knowledge and then to build a special self-improvement program.
2. Social 2.1. Broad social Duty and responsibility, understanding the social significance of learning
2.2. Narrow socialor positional The desire to take a certain position in relationships with others, to get their approval, to prove
2.3. Social collaboration Orientation to different ways of interacting with society
2.4. Self-actualization and personal growth Implementation of the own personal value
3. Practical 3.1. Professionalpragmatic The desire to have a higher salary, to receive a decent reward for their work
3.2. Professional value Expansion of opportunities to get a promising and interesting job
3.3. Practical pragmatic The desire to have material wealth and social benefits during training, comfortable learning conditions
3.4. Progress The desire to get a good mark, to pass exams successfully, etc.
3.5 Avoiding failures The desire to minimize the risks of failures in learning activities
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