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Analysis Of С2a Communications In The Digital Economy

Table 1:

Criteria Crowdsourcing approach Expert method
Financial aspect of the event As a rule, free or intangible remuneration Payment for experts ' work
Number of participants Indefinitely Limited and closely correlated with the amount of funding
The cost of the organization Relatively low High
Time-frame Set based on the urgency of the tasks: from a few minutes to an unlimited amount of time Short-term, as they are connected with the payment of the expert's work time
Ease of organization In the presence of the current and popular Internet resource start and operation of the project is not time-consuming Difficulties in selection of experts, solution of organizational issues (rent of premises, technical equipment, solution of domestic issues of experts on transport, accommodation, food, etc.)
Simplicity of moderation and information processing The complexity of moderation and processing of information "open" answers, requires the development of methods of accounting and processing, as well as the automation of these processes; requires skills with big data (Big Data Analyses) Moderation and processing of information is possible with a small number of staff
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