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Dynamic Management System From The Standpoint Of The Synergistic Approach

Table 1:

Skills Requirements for Skills
Self-determination Adequate behavior based on the acquired culture of business communication and entrepreneurial behavior
Practical application of acquired knowledge Ability to use skills and knowledge in practice; A required level of qualification and professionalism with the help of mastered technologies both in a specific situation and in the future
Effective conflict-free communication and behavior A positive, friendly attitude towards yourself and the ability to form a business atmosphere of mutual respect and social responsibility in the group
Goal-setting and deployment of tasks Ability to timely and adequately assess the prospects for their activities, their own development and development of their business, taking into account their intelligence, features of character and ability to certain activities
Self-management and interaction Ability to self-study, self-development and self-realization of their competence, spirituality, responsibility, interests, search for the most economical and effective actions in a particular situation
Achieving personal and group goals Ability to use the possibilities of the situation, resources, competence, own interests and the interests of other members of the group, to mobilize forces and abilities in each period of life activity
Leadership behavior Ability to develop and maintain standards for group behavior, to motivate the behavior of members of formal and informal groups, to regulate the psychological climate, to mobilize efforts to achieve common goals and objectives through initiative and other qualities
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