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The Impact Of Environmental Risks On The Management Of Industrial Enterprises

Table 1:

Factors indirectly affecting the industrial enterprise Mega level • Globalization and integration;• Influence of transnational corporations;• International standardization;• Scientific and technical progress;• International division of labor, etc.
Macro level • Political and legal;• Economic conditions of the environment at the state level;• Environmental priorities of the state;• Social, demographic and cultural;• Technological, etc.
Meso level • Infrastructure;• Science and education;• Environmental risks of the economic sector;• Environmental tensions in the region;• Standards of living;• Financial and economic, etc.
Factors directly affecting the industrial enterprise Micro level • Suppliers;• Consumers;• Competitors;• Contact audiences;• Level of environmental safety of the industrial enterprise;• Level of environmental responsibility of the industrial enterprise;• Intermediaries.
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