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Global Factors Changing Models Of Development Management Of Russian Industrial Corporations

Table 1:

Global factors Global factors Global challenges of industrial corporations in fuel and energy sector
Political factors Changes in terms of trade and supplier diversificationReconsideration of contractual agreementsStrengthening reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplierChange of quotas, duties, trade embargoThreats to the use of foreign high-tech mining equipment
Technological factors(technology and innovation) Increasing the efficiency of alternative energy technologies (renewable energy sources)The use of innovative gas production technologies (shale gas in the United States, Europe, China) and a decrease in demand for oil and oil productsAccidents and failures in work in divisions of industrial corporations of the fuel and energy complex due to obsolescence of equipment and technologies
Market factors Redistribution of global gas and oil flowsEntering the global market for new suppliersLoss of target consumers
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