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Business Career Personal: Modern Management Models Of Russian Banking Organizations

Table 1:

Business career is … Answers (%)
Achieving decent and increasing material wellbeing for myself and my loved ones 67.8
Possessing comfortable working conditions (working in a clean healthy environment, having a personal office, personal car, etc.) 40.5
Formation of favorable interpersonal relations with managers, colleagues, subordinates 44.7
Respect and prominence in the organization 53.4
Process of professional growth of the employee competence 57.8
Achieving success, prominent position in society, in the official field 68.3
Achieving superiority over other people 70.1
Non-standard, creative, innovation work 45.4
Employee development, that does not conflict with his lifestyle 43.2
Activities, that fully realize the labor potential 55.6
Recognition of merit in labor 52.1
Guarantee of constant job, stability of position 44.6
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