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Patriotic Attitudes Impact On Interethnic Contacts Of National Identity And Self-Assessment

Table 1:

No. Relation to contacts with representatives of other cultures Responses in groups with various opinion regarding patriotism
Patriotism – one of the mandatory conditions and factors of normal life Patriotism – means nothing, abstract notion Adhere to the principle – the homeland is where you feel good
1 Positive, I have many friends of different nationalities 56.1* 39.3* 24.2**
2 I am not against such contacts, but it is difficult for me to be in contact with people of other nationalities 23.5 33.0* 24.2
3 I don’t have enough experience and desire to contact people of other nationalities 8.7* 16.1 30.3**
4 I prefer to contact people of my nationality and culture 9.2 8.9 21.2**
5 Others 1.5 2.7 0.0
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