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Promoting The Nonlinear Model Of Higher Education In Russian Universities

Table 1:

Activity type Willingness to participate in university management Evaluation method
Yes (1 group) No (2 group)
Receiving additional education, doing specific courses (driving, language, computer, etc.) 53 38 Fisher's exact test -.141.p< .001
Independent travelling within the country 44 34 Fisher's exact test -.117.p< .02
Visiting sports sections, fitness centres, swimming pools and doing exercises in the fresh air 46 35 Fisher's exact test -.119.p< .008
Taking part in scientific and practical conferences in other cities or countries 40 29 Fisher's exact test -.120.p< .009
Participating in the activities of public councils and expert groups in the government 20 10 Fisher's exact test -.121p< .003
Participating in business seminars, specialized conferences and business forums 23 9 Fisher's exact test -.171.p< .000
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