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Institutionalization Scale Development Study: A Research On Internationalized Firms

Table 4:

Scale Items Regulatory Normative Cognitive Sectoral Promoting
There are institutions and laws that control the products and services that are subject to international activities in our sector. 0,793
There is an intense customer demand that forces our company to develop internationalized product and service standards. 0,752
There are regulations forcing to develop international standards and applications in our sector. 0,543
Many institutions and organizations encourage and lead internationalization in our country 0,467
There is a strong belief that the firms in our industry cannot survive without having the ability to internationalize. 0,79
It is very difficult to find jobs in our sector for managers who are not competent in internationalization. 0,739
It is necessary to internationalize to be a successful firm. 0,63
The most successful firms in the sector are companies that are internationalized. 0,733
Firms in our country have a great deal of knowledge about internationalization. 0,709
The issue of internationalization is widely covered by media in our country. 0,587
It is necessary to benefit from consultancy services in order to achieve success in international activities in our sector. 0,831
Becoming a member of organizations regarding internationalization activities facilitates the internationalization of our firm. 0,703
Laws and Regulations in our country facilitate international activities. 0,807
Incentive and tax laws support internationalization in our sector. 0,529
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