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Challenge Of Digital Economy - Digital Transformation Of Education

Table 1:

Type of digital skills Features Examples
General information and communication technology skills (ICT skills) Enable the use of the technologies in the daily routine Skills of searching the Internet for the information or using the software to solve current problems
Professional skills for the production of ICT products and services Means of labor in the new economy is a prerogative of ICT professionals with the skills in programming, application development (APP), data management and networking Software, web pages, e-Commerce means, financial technology, cloud data, Internet of things and large data
Complementary ICT skills providing the performance of new tasks associated with the use of ICT in the workplace Using ICT leads to the change in the ways of duties performing which causes an increased demand Use of social networks for communication with colleagues and customers, promoting brand products in the e-Commerce platforms, large data analytics, business planning, etc.
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