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Nurses’ Perception Regarding PalliativePatient Referral

Table 5:

Categories Subcategories N
Suggestions regarding the Multiprofessional team Internal training of all professionals 5
Most awake teams for palliative care 1
The inquiry be answered in partnership by the Multiprofessional team 1
Cross-group creation 1
Suggestions regarding the admissions inquiry Be more objective/annulment of repeated issues 3
Stop being so bureaucratic 1
Platform Subdivision 1
Accessibility to the survey by nurses to put it directly on the platform 1
Restructuring of the investigation 1
Suggestions regarding the operation of RNCCI Increase in the number of beds in palliative care 1
Initial assessment of the potential for the patient to be palliated 1
Restructuring of some parameters for patient inclusion 1
Unaware 1
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