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Ethnic Identity Of Teenagers And The Need For Security

Table 3:

Type of ethnic identity Group1 Group 2 Mann-Whitney U Test value Level of Significance
Ethno nihilism M=6.42; SD=4.84 M=5.63; SD=3.25 1617.000 0.966
Ethnic indifference M=11.105; SD=3.35 M=10.79; SD=3.55 1530.000 0.590
Positive ethnic identity M=15.74; SD=2.82 M=11.42; SD=2.63 418.500 0.000
Ethno egoism M=5.53; SD=3.84 M=8.42; SD=3.78 918.000 0.000
Ethno isolationism M=5.58; SD=4.36 M=6.42; SD=3.34 1420.500 0.243
Ethno fanaticism M=6.37; SD=4.37 M=11.93; SD=3.91 769.500 0.000
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