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Analysis Of Ecopsychological Types Of Interactions In Medical Institution Environment

Table 2:

Factors Independence and attitude to oneself (19.9%) Interaction with environment (13.81%) Ecological responsibility (10.09%) Personal growth in social environment (8.09%)
The questionnaire of environmental consciousness Positive impact of the nature on man (0.636)Negative impact of the nature on man (0.424)Positive human impact on the nature (0.691)Negative human impact on the nature (0.521)Unity with the nature "(0.836)Aesthetic experiences (0.750)Physical feelings (0.723)Activity (0.532). Ecological responsibility (0.880)Personal level (0.636)Close human environment (0.764)Regional level (0.637)State level (0.724)International level (0.538)Limit on luxury (0.401) Preference for men-made environment (-0.648),Preference for social environment (0.678)
Scale of Psychological Well-being Positive relations with associates (0.626)Autonomy (0.584) Environment Management (0.659)Life goals (0.623) Personal growth (0,570) Man as open system (0.504)
Test-questionnaire of self-relationship Self-esteem (0.733) Self-relation (0.790) Autosympathy (0.597)Waiting for positive attitude of others (0.467)Self-interest (0.553)
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