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Integration Of Motor And Cognitive Activities Of Children At Preschool Age

Table 2:

Motor-cognitive tests KG EG
1. Obstacle course (20 m - 10 motor obstacles) with a choice of options for movements and memorizing signs and symbols during the execution of motor tasks 32,7±0,3 25,4±0,2
Number of child-memorized signs 5,4±1,1 8,7±1,3
2. Carrying 4 small cubes (0,5*0,5*0,5 m) at a distance 10 m and collecting a large cube (1*1*1m) in accordance with a specified sample memory for a time 39,9±2,4 28,8±1,6
3.Performing 7-motor tasks 3 times (on the cards jumping up, tilting the torso, throws and catching the ball) in the order of the preliminary logical distribution of the child himself pictures of heroes of the fairy tale 1.Turnip, 2.Grandfather, 3.Grandma, 4.Dog, 5.Cat, 6.Mouse 36,9±2,4 27,8±0,2
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