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The Support Of Individual Educational Trajectories In Digital Childhood

Table 2:

Comparable parameter Tutoring Supervision (facilitation) Coaching
Substantial limitations Risks of social isolation of pupils, competence limitations of professionalism, choice of categories of accompanied pupils. The possibility of a "blind" transformation of the teacher into a tutor (Glozman, 2016) Dependence on the personal qualities of the curator, the performance of a narrow range of functions, aimed at the social and practical aspect (Obrist, 2014) In the most critical cases, coaching is unlimited psychotherapy (Iliffe-Wood, 2014)
Formal limitations The lack of training and retraining programs, the inadequacy of the personnel fund, the lack of job descriptions and requirements (Mansvetova, 2017) Lack of normative base, targeted financing, methodological and personnel support (Kasitsina et al., 2015) Use of psychological tools by specialists not certified in this field (Klarin, 2015).
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