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The Support Of Individual Educational Trajectories In Digital Childhood

Table 1:

Parameters of activity Tutoring Curating (facilitation) Coaching
The object of activity Individual trajectory of education and development of pupils (Mansvetova, 2017) Social extracurricular activities of pupils, adaptation to the educational environment (Obrist, 2014) The educational and communication potential of pupils, as well as the psychological and pedagogical factors of teaching (Klarin, 2015, 2016).
The result of activity Successful entry of the pupil onto the path of cultural and professional development (Glozman, 2016) Implementation of plans and schedules in accordance with established indicators, quality of organization of class life and activities (Kasitsina et al., 2015) The facts that speak of the attainment of the set goals and the observance of terms (Iliffe-Wood, 2014)
Transformation acts in the activity (the process) 1. Determination of cognitive interest; 2. Formulation of an individual educational question; 3. Setting the goal;4. The search for resources and constraint analysis; 5. Implementation and discussion; 6. Analysis of the results; 7. Correction (if needed), discussion of long-term prospects. (Mansvetova, 2017) 1. Joint creation of motivation to achieve goals;2. Collective activity planning; 3. Organization of activity; 4. Analysis of activity, correction. (Obrist, 2014) 1. Establishing relationships, understanding the wishes of the client;2. Analysis of the current situation, resources and constraints; 3. A step-by-step search for solution; 4. The choice of action (Iliffe-Wood, 2014)
Means Individual (consultations, analysis of practical situations).Group (debates, trainings, demonstration of results in the group) of the methodology using IT (Mansvetova, 2017) Work in large groups (conferences, debates); work in small groups (conversation, curatorial hour) (Obrist, 2014) Predominantly individual work (tutoring, active listening). Less often group sessions (Klarin, 2015).
Scope of application Inclusive education, support for deviant pupils, children with intellectual prerequisites, group support. (Glozman, 2016) Any project activity (education, medicine, business, art) (Kasitsina et al., 2015) Activity transfer experience (Klarin, 2015, 2016).
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