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The Liquidity Analysis Of Asian Real Estate Investment Trust (Reits)

Table 2:

Variables Measures Analogous Nomenclature
Percentage Bid-Ask SpreadCannon and Cole (2011), Bhasin et al. (1997) (Askit – Bidit) / [(Askit + Bidit / 2)] Unveils the percentage trading cost by linking the spread’s size towards share price. Smaller values designate higher liquidity. PBAS
Turnover RatioAmetefe, Devaney & Marcato (2015),Amihud and Mendelson (1986),Constantinides (1986) TR = Volit /(Sit*Pit)Vol is the transaction volume for ith REIts at time t, Sit is the number of share outstanding and Pit is the average price of for ith REITs Unveils the capacity of the REITs to be transacted within a specified time period based on outstanding value .The higher the turnover ratio, the more liquid is the asset/market TR
Dollar VolumeCannon and Cole (2011) ,Benveniste et al. (2001) DV =Volit x PitVol is the transaction volume for ith REIts at time t, Pit is the average price for ith REITs Unveil REITs capacity to be traded (sell/buy transaction without causing larger price movements). Larger values of DV specify larger market depth with higher liquidity. DV
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