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Educational Marketing – Academic Action And Identity

Table 2:

Action Details / Message Chanel/Space Cost Time
Interactive educational workshops public workshopspartnership with the Mures County Library Multi-process interrogation. Premises for approaching learning on cognitive levels. Lecturer PhD. Olga Chiş American Corner 0 the 29th of Oct. 2015
The nonverbal language: what do we say when we don’t talk? Phd. candidate Irina Petrea The Palace of Culture Târgu-Mureş 0 12th of Nov. 2015
Dyslexia – o challengeAssist. PhD. Claudia Grec The Extension 0 1st of Feb. 2016
Strategies for optimising the early literacy.(ELIRA project)Professor PhD. Vasile Chiş The Vocational Highschool M.Eminescu 0 29th of Feb. 2016
Valorising the stories by practical workshops Lecturer assoc. PhD. Iftinia AvramAssist. PhD. candidate Irina Trifan Kindergarten 16 Târgu-Mureş 0 19th of April 2016
The handwriting in the digitalised society Assist. PhD. Angela Precup The Mures County Library 0 22nd of March 2017
Integrating the ethnographic traditions in the educational activities Lecturer assoc. PhD. Eugenia Someşan The Medieval Fortress workspace 0 15th of May2017
“Springtime joy” public show- didactic demonstrative games Partnership between UBB Mureş Extension – The Popular Arts School Târgu-Mureş The Puppets Theatre ,,Ariel” 0 28th of May2015
The Schoolteacher and Educator’s Oath Elaborations and implementation by the students’ public assumption within the graduation ceremony 0 annual
Facebook page of the Extension - creation and content maintenance UBB Mureş Extension UBB comes closer to you! Facebook 0 perma-nent
Extension newspaper,,Our world” (concept, format) Annual issue Print 300 lei annual
Open Doors Week 18th of April - – Pedagogy literature presentation19th of April – workshop “Stories used for practical approaches”20th of April – Students’ Day21st of April – “Critical thinking” workshop22nd of April - Week’s Journal 18th -22nd of April 2016
Promotion within the community Meetings for promoting the Extension’s educational offer The Vocational Highschool M.Eminescu 100 lei Mai 2017
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