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The Influence Of Physical Education On The Engagement In Physical Activity

Table 1:

Aim Research tool Research population Data Analysis
Stage 1: Qualitative Research To explore the significance of mandatory sports courses in under-graduate programs in higher education. Semi-structured interviews. 10 Sports units managers and directors. Content Analysis
Stage 2: Quantitative Research To investigate the impact of physical education units in higher education as a pedagogical program on promoting a culture of physical activity among students.To test Hypothesis 1 regarding the impact of sports units in higher education (HE) on motivation to engage in physical activity (PA) and awareness to healthy lifestyle.To test Hypothesis 2 regarding the impact of sports units in HE on adherence to PA. Closed-ended questionnaire 100 students who were exposed to sports units at the university.100 students who were not exposed to sports units at the university. Statistics
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