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The Contribution Of Independent Activities In The Pedagogy Study At High School

Table 2:

ANALYSE! Use the reading method based on the model SQ3R which contains the following steps! S (Survey) – cover up/ read the text through skimming! Q (Question) – make questions regarding the studied text! 3 R (Read, Recite, Reading) – read entirely, describe and synthesize what you remember! [adaptation after I. (Neacșu, 2015, p. 133)] PRACTICE!Make a conceptual map/ cognitive organizer, in which to point out the (inter) relations and (inter) determinations between the identified key concepts. Argue pro/ against the permissive/ liberal theory of school subject. Make a short essay with the theme “Positive discipline.”Tell the role of personal/ collective self- discipline in instructive/ educational activity.
REFLECT AND SELF EVALUATE! Reflexive journal: What have you learned new from this lesson?What feelings have the learning process awake in you?Which from the talked-about ideas seemed more interested?What difficulties have you encountered?How can you use in the future this learning experience?Other considerations…
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