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The Mentor`S Role On The Development Of Didactic Teaching Profession Context

Table 1:

INTRODUCTION Introductions, sharing of backgrounds, cv, interests and personal information background. To create a bound connection
BUILDING Explain mentor-protege roles, relationship the mentoring process. Explain the directions, expectations. To clarity the aim of mentor-protege rolesTo establish the common objectives
AIMS Orientation to the school, grade, department, staff, town.Orientation to new job responsibilities, curriculum and outcomes To reduce the strees and claim the team bond
FORMATION The team must do their activities like: preparing the classroom for beginning of school, to do mutual spread of ideas, science themes, built an efficient leadership and management plan, and promote learning activity. To built a team for a proper start To mentein the mentor seen as a saver
SOLVING PROBLEMS Discuss and analysis the issues and the problems .developing strategies and plans to implement and evaluate the results To develop critical thinking
FRAMEWORK Maintaining a mentor-protege bondIncrease protégé self-esteem and confidenceExplore each others dreams for teaching, views and strengths as teachers as persons To see mentor as a trustworthy and openness source
PROFFESIONAL FRAMEWORK Discovering the "big picture" such as:. planning activities as a sequence; assessing learning and adjusting instructioction worrying less about following lesson plans and more about accomplishing a lesson's purpose To consider the mentor as model and protege in increasing skill insight
PROFFESIONAL DEVELOPMENT Building 2-way coaching relationship where mutual feedback and support for learning is the norm. To promote mentor and protege a growth relashionship
 METAMORPHOSIS Developing a strong peer relationship,work independently, but maintaining support for group growth. Susteining motivation on learning, creat a team concept To acord mentor protegeinter-dependence strucure To asses the eficiency of the outcomes
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