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Strategies For Implementing Effective Educational Workshops During The Preparatory Grade

Table 1:

Frequency Duration Content
-workshops should be organized frequently and become routine for parents and children;- workshops should be organized in the afternoon, after the end of the work program of parents. - the recommended duration of the workshops is more or less 60 minutes, but should not exceed 120 minutes;- if the activities are attractive for children, they can take longer than 60 minutes; - workshops should offer the opportunity to discover children’s talents and abilities, should be attractive and contain activities like: building games, drawing, crafts, painting, theatre, environmental protection actions, creative recycling, calligraphy, positive relationships with others, problem solving, music, scientific experiments, physical exercises, correct writing, reading or dancing. Special attention should be offered to self-knowledge activities, based on improving children’s self-esteem and to the activities that contribute to the development of the general knowledge of the child;- teachers should design activities based on their observations regarding children’s abilities, that facilitate the transition to the specific learning activities realised during first grade;- teachers should invite specialists from various fields and organize new activities every time;- on the whole, activities should be diverse and realized in a positive learning environment, which contributes to the development of the relationship between children and parents. Considering children’s preferences in regards to the contents of the activities, we can easily ensure the success of the workshops.
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