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A Systematic Literature Review: Human Roles, Competencies And Skills In Industry 4.0

Table 4:

Non-Technical Competencies and Skills Major Competencies Type of Non-Technical Competencies and Skills Scholar
Personal Competencies and Skills Cognitive abilities, Self-awareness, self- regulation, self-organizing, self-discipline, positive work attitude, proactive, ability to learn, ability to adapt (Büth et al., 2017; George Chryssolouris et al., 2013; Dittrich, 2016; Gronau et al., 2017; Müller-Frommeyer et al., 2017;Prinz et al., 2017)
Social Competencies and Skills Ability to work in a team, have a good communication skill, able to work in an interdisciplinary areas. (Büth et al., 2017; Forfás, 2012; Gehrke & Kühn, 2015; Gronau et al., 2017; Ministry of Indonesia, 2017; Müller-Frommeyer et al., 2017; Prifti et al., 2017)
Professional Competencies and Skills Leadership skills, presentation skills, project management skills, business strategy, customer orientation and relationshipmanagement, persuasion, coordinate with others, training and teaching others. (Büth et al., 2017; Gronau et al., 2017; Müller-Frommeyer et al., 2017; Chase, 2017)
Methodological Competencies and Skills Analytical skills, complexity skills, problem solving skills, planning skills, creativity, decision making (Acatech, 2017; Dittrich, 2016; Fantini et al., 2016; Forfás, 2012; Ministry of Indonesia, 2017; Prifti et al., 2017; Richert et al., 2016)
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