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A Systematic Literature Review: Human Roles, Competencies And Skills In Industry 4.0

Table 3:

Technical Competencies and Skills Major Competencies Type of Competencies and Skills Scholar
State of the Art Knowledge Competencies and Skills Knowledge management, ability to apply knowledge, knowledge in science and mechanics, level of literacy and numeracy, ability to understand complex written material, human- machine interaction knowledge, know how to use the human-machine interface, trouble shooting, problem solving skill, basic installation, modification and maintenance. (Dittrich, 2016; Gehrke & Kühn, 2015; Hirsch-Kreinsen, 2016; Ministry of Indonesia, 2017; Müller-Frommeyer et al., 2017; Prifti et al., 2017)
Manufacturing Competencies and Skills Able to work and control machines, knowledgeable in production planning and design process, understand the Industry 4.0 integration, specialized knowledge in manufacturing activities and processes, familiar with the use of DFMA principle, quality control, understand the manufacturing processes and its requirement. (Aichholzer, 2015; Bahrin et al., 2016; Gehrke & Kühn, 2015; Golightly et al., 2016; Hertle et al., 2017; Jaeger et al., 2014; Liu & Xu, 2017; Lorenz et al., 2015; Monostori et al., 2016; Pfeiffer, 2016; Prifti et al., 2017; Serrano, Prades, Bruscas, & Abellán-Nebot, 2013; Toro, Barandiaran, & Posada, 2015)
ITCompetencies and Skills Big data analysis and interpretation, Internet of Things (IoT) application, knowledge on IT security and data protection, apps development, IT architecture, Cyber Physical System (CPS) architecture, big data construction, in-memory database, readiness towards IT usage. (Acatech, 2017; Aichholzer, 2015; Elka-Walsh, 2017; Gehrke & Kühn, 2015; Gronau et al., 2017; Lee et al., 2015; Marilungo, Papetti, Germani, & Peruzzini, 2017; Lorenz et al., 2015; Neugebauer et al., 2016; Prifti et al., 2017; Yu et al., 2015)
Computer Science Competencies and Skills Integration skills, embedded system, programming, coding, Artificial Learning, machine learning, data acquisition, RFID, signal processing device, network system real time, systemic skills, system development, mobile technologies, decision making database, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (Aichholzer, 2015; Deloitte, 2015; DLG-Expert, 2015; Scharnhauzen, 2017; Gehrke & Kühn, 2015; Jaeger et al., 2014; Liebrecht et al., 2017; Lorenz et al., 2015;Cardin et al., 2016; Prifti et al., 2017)
Robotics and Automation Competencies and Skills Creative, innovative, able to design and configure system, knowledge on robotics and automation, cognitive abilities (Dworschak & Zaiser, 2014; Scharnhauzen, 2017; Cardin et al., 2016; Chase, 2017; Roblek et al., 2016; Vinh, 2017; Wee et al., 2015)
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