Spiritual, Social, Economic And Healthy Aspects Of Global Wellbeing


The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed carrying out the first decade of the twenty first century to fight for poverty eradication, the solution of environmental problems and completion of resources and health of the population of the planet, that is the solution of problems of global wellbeing. Global uniform wellbeing is reached by alignment of national and individual wellbeing by all countries to the level of healthy peaceful just activity. National wellbeing includes four main broad aspects: society, economy, environment and individual wellbeing. Individual wellbeing can be subjective and objective. Objective wellbeing is defined by the conditions which aren't depending on the individual which exert impact on his life. Subjective wellbeing depends on the person. National wellbeing and individual subjective wellbeing are interconnected. National wellbeing helps to improve subjective individual wellbeing of citizens, and subjective individual wellbeing promotes accumulation of national wellbeing. National and individual wellbeing is estimated how there live people what economic, administrative, social, educational and ecological wellbeing. When national and individual wellbeing begin to be resolved by science and religion in one direction as two aspects spiritual and material, and they will begin to interact in a full consent with each other, then the progress in science will promote creation of living conditions which will allow to reach to mankind of global wellbeing.In article spiritual, social, economic and administrative wellbeing which, generally define individual, national and global wellbeing is considered.

Keywords: Individualnational and global wellbeing; culture of the world; quality of life


Global wellbeing is expedient to connect with healthy activity, first of all. Demand of the population for health is equal to 100%. Health is necessary for the person at any age and in any situations. Wellbeing is defined by the list of requirements and conditions of activity. It can be measured in that degree in which these requirements are satisfied, and conditions are created.

Assessment of wellbeing affects many aspects and is a lot of parametrical. Determine wellbeing by eight aspects: physical, material, social, mental, professional, family, intellectual and quality of life. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has included quality of life as aspect of wellbeing. The physical aspect reflects a qualitative condition of the person: healthy, prenosology, sick. The material aspect is defined by constant prosperity for healthy activity. The social aspect is defined by the kind relations, communicative communications, safety, public activity, social conditions. The mental aspect is defined by spiritual qualities of the person and mental health. The professional aspect is defined by personal kinds of activity, competences, positive functioning, constancy of work. The family aspect defines family tenor of life. The intellectual aspect is defined by self-development, education, self-organization. Quality of life is defined by conditions of life and rest, cultural leisure, a healthy lifestyle.

There are two main ways of approach to wellbeing assessment: monitoring of values of parameters of aspects of wellbeing and definition of an index of wellbeing. Monitoring well fixes constancy of values of parameters in time. But he doesn't give a cumulative assessment of wellbeing. Definition of an index allows to track his change in time. The index gives a cumulative assessment of wellbeing without qualitative parameters.

The UN Index of Human Development (IHD) considers the following main components: life expectancy, the standard of living (the income per capita on purchasing power), literacy level. Indicators IHD component are in an interval of numerical values from 0 to 1, the arithmetic average represents a cumulative indicator. In IHD it is expedient to replace to a life expectancy component on qualitative to a component a condition of the person for assessment of individual wellbeing.

Quality of life as aspect of wellbeing pays off on an index of the better life of OECD since 2011. The index pays off on 11 aspects: living conditions, income, work, society, education, ecology, civil rights, health, realization of requirements, safety and rest. Indicators undertake from official sources, such as national reports of OECD, statistical department of the UN, state statistical agencies, the world Gallup Poll.

The global index of wellbeing (Callup – Healthways Global Well-Being Index) is applied to 135 countries. The index is defined on national Gallup Polls. According to data of participants of poll distribute on three categories of wellbeing: prospers, has prosperity, survives. The global index gives an opportunity to carry out intercountry and interregional comparisons on categories of wellbeing.

The index of social wellbeing developed under the leadership of professor Harvard training M. Porter's business, reveals ability of society to satisfy the basic human wants of citizens, to establish reference points which allow citizens and groups of the population to raise and maintain quality of life, and also to create conditions for all people for disclosure of their potential. Three aspects on which it is based turkeys of social progress: necessary requirements, bases of wellbeing and opportunity. Each aspect is dismembered on four components. Everyone a component includes up to six indicators. Only 54 indicators. The index of social progress represents an arithmetic average value of 54 indicators. Each aspect represents an arithmetic average from four a component. The index and its aspects are measured on a scale 0-100.

National and objective individual uniform wellbeing are provided with ecological technological way, spiritual and technological progress, socially oriented with the filled resources health the supporting economy, the medicine preserving health, security services of an order, ecological services, the public creative administration, hi-tech education developed by a services sector, global spiritual tenor of life and individual subjective wellbeing of citizens. Subjective individual wellbeing of citizens depends on their ability to realize his aspects and to reach parameters of healthy activity.

Problem Statement

Spiritual wellbeing

Spiritual global wellbeing is reached by unity in freedom under the law of love, Alexey Homyakov claimed. A unification and love we will escape Sergey Radonezhsky spoke. It is possible to reach unity of freedom under the law of love transition to spiritual tenor of life. For organization of spiritual tenor of life the mankind needs to follow cultural wealth in the organization of spiritual collective and individual life, in communication with representatives of the live world in a harmony.

Peace just tenor of life will result mankind in harmony with the world around. Lyubov as set of perfection will arrange material creation for the good of the person and mankind. When all people create spiritual peace just tenor of life, then wars, murders, the conflicts and natural disasters will begin to consign to the past. Frictionless interaction of the live world will be carried out by good energy of spiritual reason and heart: humility, mercy, good, love, righteousness, world.

Organization of spiritual tenor of life is carried out by formation, first, of spiritual outlook of the population, the special younger generation, secondly, health of the supporting health system, thirdly, of global economic wellbeing, fourthly, preservation of ecology of the environment.

At prophets it is written: "And all will be taught by God". God has given to mankind the doctrine for spiritual education and the correct life. God rules to love to us (John 5:12). God is a perennial spring of love from which we can scoop her educated pure in heart. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8). Lyubov from a divine source solves all problems of the human relations. It gradually amplifies in process of spiritual maturing and accumulation of spiritual experience.

Let's start organization of spiritual tenor of life love from a divine source, reflecting over the God's Word, attentively reading it every day (Acts 17:11), doing good deeds (John 13:35), relying on experience of Venerable Saints, climbing steps of spiritual ascension which were covered by John Climacus in the book of LESTVITSA. Formation of spiritual tenor of life is well executed when we suit it all together. It is the only opportunity to arrange a civilization with spiritual tenor of life. God's Lyubov and his Word is the engine of spiritual tenor of life. God has given us the doctrine that we had life, and had much (John 10:10). Be performers of the word (James 1:22).

The love is a spirit fruit (Galatians 5:22-23). Hand the management of the life to the Holy Spirit and derive in Him strength. God has enjoined that we were executed by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 5:6; John 7:37-39). The God's Spirit testifies to our spirit that we are children of God (Romans 8:16). The God's spirit puts in the God's person knowledge and understanding (Ephesians 5:18). The Holy Spirit helps us to love (to Romans 5:5). We aren't executed by the Holy Spirit once and for all, it is continuous process of life. The Lord approves feet of the just person (Psalm 36:23). Loving god, called on his will, everything promotes to the benefit (Romans 8:28).

Each person can lead full, purposeful and intelligent perfect life (John 14:12-14) on the way of godlike perfection. If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him (James 1:5). Regardless, each one should lead the life that the Lord has assigned him and to which God has called him (1 Korinthians 7:17). Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you. Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing (Filippians 3:15-16). Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48). Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, (Hebrews 6:1), forming ecology of spiritual tenor of life, tradition of a spiritual healthy lifestyle, global uniform material welfare.

The ecology of spiritual tenor of life (pure thoughts, clear water, clean air, natural products) is supported by kind mental energy of the perfect population. Kind mental energy it is fertile influences the person, water, plants, animals, all wildlife.

Spiritual tenor of life will be built when the Word God's gains for all sense and will be a basis of our spiritual growth (Colossians 3:16). Like newborn infants, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, (1 Peter 2:2). And to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:19). And to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:24). Make every effort to present yourself approved to God, an unashamed workman who accurately handles the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15). Each generation will be able to support by the God's Word spiritual tenor of life if all devote to this execution all the time, talents and all they own, never stopping in spiritual growth and leading the younger generation to process of spiritual growth, always remembering that God has charged to everyone and has assigned to everyone execution of his Words that through the people righteousness of the world was increased and the evil decreased. Finally, all of you, be like-minded and sympathetic, love as brothers, be tender-hearted and humble. (1 Peter 3:8). And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves (1 Peter 4:8). And this is love, that we walk according to His commandments. (2 John 1:6).

God sent the Son to the earth to transfer to mankind the doctrine about spiritual organization.

But when the time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law (Galatians 4:4). But Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4). Ye are the salt of the earth. Ye are the light of the world. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." (Matthew 5:13-14,16). Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. (2 Corinthians 13:11). Individual spiritual wellbeing is so gained.

When spiritual individual wellbeing becomes for all a norm of life, then global spiritual wellbeing will come and spiritual tenor of life will be approved (Bryndin, 2016).

Spiritual individual wellbeing

Everyone is born as the God's image. Therefore desire to look adequately is natural since the childhood. The person becomes worthy the God's spiritual image, that is spiritually safe, acquisition of spiritual qualities. Spiritual education and education promote it.

Spiritual qualities for the person is humility, chastity, obedience, mildness, life on conscience, love to people and others. They are treasures of interior, his virtues. Acquisition of spiritual qualities is connected with renunciation of harmful addictions to a material world (from personal sins), release of thoughts, desires and actions from voluptuousness, like of silver, from like of glory and pride. Gets spiritual treasures of people in the course of spiritual life spiritual work on the basis of spiritual experience of God's Saints, such as John Climacus, John Chrysostom, Basil the Great, Sergey Radonezhsky, SerafimSorovsky, Blessed Augustine and others. He replaces pride with spirituality, gaining spiritual qualities. Voluptuousness replaces with abstention, adultery on chastity, gluttony on a post, carelessness on care and care of persons in need, grief on joy, despondency on a prayer, laziness on making of good, despair on Divine hope of Providence of. Like of silver replaces with charity and a donation, avarice on generosity; Callousness on mercy, anger on silent humility, offense on forgiveness, condemnation on accusation, a self-justification on truthfulness, cruelty on love; The Self-interest on unselfishness, envy on joy to success of others, deception on just conscientiousness, violence on peacefulness, concern on tranquility, grief on loss of things on joy of renunciation of things. Like of glory replaces with glorification of God, self-adoration on love to people, ambition on honoring of advantages of others, vanity on spiritual simplicity, to praise itself on vision of the shortcomings, hypocrisy on sincerity, love of power on love to the person. Arrogance on modesty, willfulness on respect of others, obsequiousness on decency, a whim on mildness, whimsicality on benevolence, obstinacy on obedience.

Gaining spiritual qualities, the person conducts spiritual moral life, shows love to all, doesn't do anybody the harm and becomes spiritually safe.

Global healthy wellbeing

Human life has the spiritual nature which cornerstone spiritual processes are. Spiritual processes of activity of the person and society need to be cultivated consciously in society (Bryndin &Bryndina, 2017). They will help to gain health to mankind on a global scale. Institutions of education, improving institutions, art, spiritual faiths, mass media have to conduct information activization of spiritual processes.

Spiritual infrastructure of society influences in global and defining way health of everyone. Quickly it is necessary to restore, keep and improve health, spiritual and physical shape of the person and society understanding of spiritual processes of health.

There is a global interrelation between spiritual processes of the person and his physical health. We destroy ourselves by harmful passions from within. All of us at each other influence - one and all. The spiritual state, as well as physical, gives in to a training. From a spiritual state to a healthy state - much more quickly.

The interrelation between spiritual processes of the person and his physical health (and also a condition of all society) is more considerable, than it is considered to be now. Moreover she - fundamental. Improvement of the person happens a positive mental energy which is generated by a spiritual thought way, in an ethical way of the word, good wishes, a healthy image of activity in an ecological pure environment, spiritual bonds with society and God, love to surrounding visible and invisible.

Structure of spiritual processes of the person - a major factor of influence on health. Our culture (theater, cinema, television, radio, a platform, other media) strongly influence our physical and spiritual health - either harmonize us, or destroy. "Now the television, cinema so spiritually us destroys that children from it are sick.

The accented understanding of spiritual processes, is also important for the person, as well as mastering the speech and writing.

Condition of society catastrophic: every year functional diseases, congenital pathologies at children, drug addiction increase. The medicine develops, and health of society worsens. It is more and more fine medicines - you watch how many them; it is more and more clever surgical interventions; it is more and more clever devices - and diseases advance mankind. The medicine isn't guided by the principles and criteria of health of the Creator therefore she doesn't fight for health, and is at war with diseases. We began to live longer, but quality of our life is worse, we feel worse.

It is necessary to connect together global problems of health, mass media, pedagogics, art; to see essentially new way of development of human community, to find conscious balance of spiritual infrastructure of society. To recover health, and to children first of all, it is possible only this way. The mankind has no other way.

All of us intuitively feel that something occurs now not as has to be - and we don't understand that. We intensified spiritless processes in us. We, first of all, destroy ourselves from within. All recommendations of science, psychology, medicine don't help already. Global amount of information useful, necessary we hear. But nothing helps us any more!

Spiritual processes, generally for 95%, lie out of the sphere of consciousness of the person. The person realizes only a final stage of work of the functional program - incentive which, just and has to induce him to do something. We don't feel as we approach a disease - we only feel a disease. We don't know what state at us: healthy or prediseases - it also lies out of consciousness. It is necessary to study spiritual that you don't see, you don't feel, you don't realize.

Spiritual processes of health are constructed on harmony of natural processes of difficult essence of the person. We know that there is a physical culture. If the person regularly does physical exercises on a muscle, then the muscle begins to grow, become stronger. And we know that there are people who do physical exercises especially for a training of muscles - some every day. Also we know that there are people who do physical exercises every day not specially, and in the course of work: lift weights, do extensions. And these so effective exercises and also lead to a physical fitness. But we don't notice that we do spiritual exercises every day - where we worked and even staying at home! We don't notice what spiritual, as well as physical gives in to a training. And we do spiritual exercises every day: first, scrolling the habitual thoughts and feelings; secondly, unconsciously empathizing everything surrounding us. What you think of - that and you train!

Unconsciously empathizing everything surrounding us, we do spiritual exercises. Oh, and bad it exercises. Generally, it exercises of a disease and pathology. Around us there are a lot of sick interrelations. And we come home tired and devastated. And training every day, gradually we accumulate sick interrelations and also we bear them to all who surround us, especially to children as they are open and trust us and study at us. Also it turns out that we now the most part of time, without realizing it, intensify spiritual processes of a disease and pathology. We, communicating, quite often we give sores each other. Because human community sick. We everything at each other influence - all without any exception!

We don't empathize health! Daily joining in spiritual processes of health, everyone can significantly improve the health and others and keep it. Diseases leave, the person and people around begin to feel better physically and spiritually, it becomes easier to live. People at the spiritual level begin to understand how health depends on the environment, societies and begins to work selectively, according to the understanding: to take that it is necessary and to tell to children what is necessary for them. In the society of other way to recover health, at mankind isn't present!

It is necessary to do so that, empathizing, people received a healthy charge, intensified healthy processes, and they will begin to bear healthy interrelations. And we will begin to understand who us what bears, in the course of the activities and to welcome healthy processes. If it occurs, then the mankind would recover health in months! Relations in society would change, and personally it would become much easier for everyone to live and feel psychologically. It appears, it is possible to receive reorganization from the person having a high health creative fitness very quickly. The mankind used it the millennia. Spiritual processes of health quickly result in healthy wellbeing.

Research Questions

Social peace wellbeing is reached by formation of culture of the world on the earth and to work as determination on creation of the world accepted for all. Transition to culture of the world demands to develop ability to smooth contradictions, to learn to work with joint efforts, to respect a variety, to transfer the competition to the cooperation based on the general values of development by means of dialogue, mutual understanding, peacefulness, a consent and solidarity.

The culture of the world is a great purpose for which achievement the world community seeks. At the same time, it and process of training, is global school in which people study to live together, study peacefulness, mutual understanding, solidarity. The way to culture of the world lies through dialogue of the people, the states, religious faiths. Dialogue and its skillful organization should study too. Process of formation of culture of the world and process of expansion and improvement of dialogue of a family, the people, religious faiths and the states dialectically interconnected processes. The culture of the world is formed on the basis of human values of behavior and formation of human qualities which exist in religions. She recommends to avoid actions which could conduct to an aggravation of contradictions and find any opportunities for their smoothing, settlement. And dialogue is one of the most reliable cures of this task. The culture of the world proceeds from dialogue encouragement. Dialogue creates favorable opportunities for cooperation of members of families with various religious outlook. He promotes increase in space of justice and reduction of inequality, promotes encouragement of sustainable spiritual and moral development, and also formation of ideals of mutual understanding, peacefulness and solidarity between all. The culture of the world includes values, views and moral behavior which form social interaction and cooperation on the basis of the principles of unity and equality of freedom, justice and peacefulness. And also on the basis of acquisition of the rights by the person fulfillment of duties to solve problems with the help of dialogue and negotiations and which guarantee an opportunity fully to have all rights and means completely to participate in development of a family and society (Bryndin, 2015a).

The culture of the world is a combination of the valuable installations, world outlook views, traditions, moral behavior and a healthy lifestyle based on: respect for life, education, dialogue and cooperation; promotion of moral human rights and unities and equalities of freedoms; commitment to peaceful settlement of the conflicts; the efforts directed to satisfaction of requirements present and future generations in the field of development and the environment; respect and promotion of the right for development; respect and promotion of the right of everyone to freedom of ethical expression of opinions and beliefs and freedom of ethical information; commitment to the principles of freedom, justice, peacefulness, cooperation, mercy, cultural diversity, dialogue and mutual understanding at all levels of society promoting the world.

The culture of the world tries to solve problems of modern life and extremely difficult relations in modern society, considering the world as it is possible more completely. Driving force of association – the human capital which is looking for the sphere of the application. Speaking about a sphere of application, it is necessary to speak about development of the social organization. Society which will create new knowledge and technologies and only in total with cultural traditions of culture of the world, will develop the peace organization of society for global peace wellbeing (Bryndin, 2015b).

The culture of the world is formed together with expansion of globalization in wide scales in the human society accepting lines of the world community. And also influence of the United Nations designed to allow disagreements without the use of force, peacefully. In the sphere of the public and political relations the consent concerning a definition of culture of the world is formed. More and more the definition according to which the culture of the world represents that part of the general culture which includes values, beliefs, positions, symbols, predispositions and examples of behavior in relation to mankind as to a condition of joint peaceful existence in unity of freedom under the law of love finds application. That is realization of peaceful activity on the planet as to a condition of survival and development of the people and individuals on the planet Earth. Formation of the culture of the world understood in such context demands change of all cultural paradigms representing violence, and acceptances of peace values as means of fight against disintegration of the human race and its community. In acceptance of these values it is necessary to be guided sense of peaceful life for which the people, and their general participation in realization of values seek. In essence, the culture of the world of a family and the people has to lead to moral ethically regulation of the international and interethnic relations. Focus of these relations, protection of the civilization created by the person against aggression of the person, against destruction of resources and destruction of his own ecological and social habitat is. In this context new ethics as set of ethical views during an era of information blossoming of a civilization are formed. Information civilization is a development and use in all spheres of life of the conventional information technology and merging of community by means of spiritual and moral features of separate communities. These relations have to be strengthened at the expense of moral and ethical factors, and also by means of creative correction of negative experience of mankind.

Peacefulness, along with culture of the world, a way of resolution of conflicts between public groups and in them. It is based on consciousness that, despite all that doesn't satisfy us in beliefs and behavior of others, it is necessary to reckon with this fact as people can live and create in common, even without belonging to one belief, one nation, without sharing the same political convictions. Under these circumstances autonomous interests can be reached peacefully, decide and develop the peace beginnings in relationship. Peacefulness is means of achievement of a definite sublime purpose (a certain ideal, value or virtue). It is an ideal, value and virtue. Peacefulness serves a definite prime target of peaceful activity. Peacefulness demands expression of the position in relation to basic provisions, beliefs, predispositions or behavior with which you don't agree. In principle, the beginning of peacefulness is a certain type of expression of the beginning of freedom as universal beginning according to which people can dispose of the life at discretion within the rights and duties. They can carry out it only under a condition if their choice doesn't threaten freedom and the rights of other people. In case their choice isn't that if threatens freedom and the rights of others, it deserves prevention. Peaceful people have the right to limit freedom of those who threaten unity and equality of freedom. If by means of a free discussion it isn't possible to convince intolerant of their spiteful direction, and they continue to act according to the evil intentions, then society in order to avoid undesirable consequences has the right to prevent them. Such hindrance, through peacefulness, checks a maturity of the people, a family for future world.

When forming culture of the world and peacefulness dialogue is necessary means of permission of public contradictions and the conflicts a peaceful manner, without the use of force. People, expressing the consent to a conversation and starting negotiations, already show a peacefulness minimum. However dialogue is not only elementary technology of negotiating, but also realization of a different way of activity. Therefore, dialogue is a meeting of two or more free people wishing to exchange opinions on an important question that under equal peace conditions has reached the decision which would satisfy both of them. When individuals and groups refuse violence as a way of resolution of disputes and contradictions, their thoughts and spirit will open for search of new ways as there will be no more opportunity to lean on an old way of achievement of goals by means of force. Dialogue is not only the way promoting permission of the existing contradictions peacefully, without the use of force, but also a way of prevention of collisions between the states, public groups and in them with the peace interests. The conversation between institutions begins with dialogue between persons on achievement and implementation of arrangements. Approach of a similar situation depends on whether the culture of the world and peacefulness for the decision is used by a peaceful manner of problems.

There is a close interrelation between culture of the world and peacefulness when using dialogue for the decision a peaceful manner of public collisions, including interethnic and related. From the practical point of view their communication and interconditionality represent an essential prerequisite for establishment of the kind civilized relations between ethnic communities which interests (territorial, economic and culturological) are various and require the solution. However in order that this opportunity has turned into reality, it is necessary that all interested parties, especially so far as concerns the interethnic relations, adhered to the beginnings of culture of the world in the relationship and showed peacefulness, resorting to dialogue. If there is no it if the separate party or a separate ethnic community, especially so far as concerns the interethnic relations, uses such approach, and another - No, that solution of conflict situations isn't reached by peaceful manner. Therefore, the culture of the world and peacefulness at resolution of conflicts at the family, social and interstate level, especially so far as concerns the interethnic relations, has to be considered and thought over in the context of social service to the world and cooperation. Cultures of the world it has to be formed, first of all, for resolution of disputes between the states peacefully. Activity of the UN and UNESCO, UPF is directed to it. Realizing the main objective consisting in providing the world and its social bases, limiting national egoism and spiritual expansion. The UN has taken the initiative about adoption of the program of culture of the world, promoting solution to the conflicts between the states peacefully.

In the globalized world, more and more multipolar, there are autonomous interests, both at the centers, and within separate parts. Therefore, it is necessary to articulate various interests in the peace fair way. A certain society is fair in that degree in what peaceful regulation of important processes is equally distributed in what public justice is coordinated with justice of separate individuals and public groups. In the context of such approach to public conditions application of the beginnings of culture of the world at the decision of the international conflicts and regulation of the relations in the international community is necessary (which subjects the states are). In the light of the similar ideas there are questions: to what degree of the right of minorities can have integration function in the sense that to minorities, especially ethnic, the chance to feel a wide political community (state) as own is given; since what moment those rights turn into the disintegration function bringing to replacement of a primacy of the individual rights and destruction of the general legal and political identity of the state. In this context it is told: in spite of the fact that the policy and the representative rights can promote public integration and political unity, the right for self-government can call integration function of the civil rights into question. Requirements of self-government often are expression of desire to weaken communications with a wide community represented by the state. Manifestation and realization of such desires can be and become a source of interethnic tension. In principle, the guaranteeing the rights of minorities to small ethnic communities and groups providing them preservation, cultural originality and identification can have dual value. It can be a factor of integration of these communities into wider community, in her political organizations and especially in structures of the government. And if the rights of ethnic minorities have such character and function, representatives of the ethnic majority in relation to such desires have to be not only are peaceful, but also by means of dialogue with ethnos of minority realization of such aspirations has to promote. However, if realization of the ethnic rights of minorities has no similar function, and brings to threat of the territorial partition of the state, in that case there can be a threat and to the rights of representatives of the ethnic majority.

Expression and realization of aspiration of the ethnic majority to keep the cultural identification can't be understood as threat of the rights of minorities. Representatives of ethnos of the majority have the right for preservation of the cultural identification as in manifestation of peacefulness in relation to the rights of ethnic minorities, and in connection with the integration processes accompanying globalization.

Use of the principle and method of culture of the world and peacefulness in the interethnic relations assumes the considered public behavior which promotes mutual understanding development, real vision of cultural identity and a search for peace, and is the general for most the states. It is necessary to make huge common effort of mankind in order that the existing public reality has changed and has risen to the level of the peace historical opportunities and efforts of human spirit to rise up to the heights from which it would be possible to see the world as it is possible more completely. Mastering culture of the world people, families and the people, her distribution will help to develop strong mechanisms of peaceful solution of the arising situations by dialogue and to reach global peace wellbeing.

Purpose of the Study

Spiritual basis of economic wellbeing is uniformity (Bryndin, 2017). Nowadays your surplus in completion of their shortcoming; and after their surplus in completion of your shortcoming that there was a uniformity as it is written: who has collected much, had no superfluous; and who a little, had no shortcoming (2 Corinthians 8:12-15).

Economic basis of global wellbeing is financial stability of activity of each person and the states. Financial wellbeing of the human capital to a great extent influences wellbeing of national economies.

Transition from management on instructions to management of diversification of the Russian economy and providing conditions for increase in its effectiveness, on management of knowledge and intellectual property is for this purpose necessary. Social institutes of formation of the human capital (education, health care) have to provide intellectual and healthy wellbeing, and institutes of use of the human capital (labor market) have to increase wellbeing of national economy. Ensuring intellectual and healthy wellbeing of human resources is way of the solution of the majority of the problems facing the state. For this purpose it is necessary to use investments by participants of a health system for improvement of indicators of improvement of the nation. Improvement of health of the population is return of investments. Universities have to be engaged in education and develop actively technological and business of competence, to impart enterprise culture of diversification of innovative economy. Important factor of successful diversification of innovative economy is attraction in her the initiative, talented youth which is actively participating in development of the territories and the states in general.

Diversification of innovative economy influences participation in global distribution of production. The innovative economy can't be constructed without participation of corporations as only demand from large business on condition of his openness to new technologies is capable to start a flywheel of innovative growth and economic wellbeing.

It is necessary to expand a neck of innovative economy with increase in investments and increase in competences. Ecology-economic approach to territorial development and social, technological and economic motivation of start of projects is necessary.

Economic model of global wellbeing

Key parameter of financial balance of the population of territories is the starting norm of healthy activity for all participants of economic processes and social programs. The starting norm of healthy activity allows to provide economic wellbeing globally. For this purpose the quantity of money in economy of territories has to be always enough for production and consumption of products, goods and services of healthy activity by the population living on her. It is also necessary to provide uniform regulation of pricing taking into account a demographic situation and the changing demand and offers in the market.

Financial balances of uniform economy have to provide all participants of economic activity and social programs with finance for healthy activity.

  • Let PC - product cost,

  • QPG - quantity of production goods,

  • MCG - market cost of the goods,

  • NP - number of participants in products,

  • NPP – number of producers products,

  • D – demand,

  • MP – market profit,

  • APF – assignments from profit in funds;

  • AP – appropriated profit,

  • SENHL – social and economic norm of healthy life,

  • LP – labor productivity.

  • Then

  • QPG х (MCG – СП) = MP;

  • AP = MP – APF;

  • AP/SENHL = NP;

  • QPG/ NPP = LP.

At 100 % demand for healthy life D QPG, AP provides all its participants with the finance for healthy life. Deductions from market profit, first, arrive in budgetary fund and are spent under the state order in budgetary sphere. Secondly, arrive in social funds of support of children, parents looking after kids and pensioners.

Strategic priority directions innovative health saving up uniform economy are, first, maintenance of the population with the goods, services and conditions of a life of healthy ability to live, secondly, completion of resources, thirdly, environment ecology.

Maintenance of the population with starting social and economic norm of healthy life is carried out by uniform regulation of pricing from a position of realization of the future demand for healthy ability to live.

  • Let {Хi} – set of the goods in the market, where i = 1 … … … n;

  • Хi – quantity of i goods;

  • Ci – cost of resources on manufacture Хi of the goods;

  • Кi – quantity of employees participating in manufacture and realization Хi of the goods;

  • NHL – norm of healthy ability to live;

  • WFi – a wages fund of employees participating in manufacture and realization Хi of the goods; where WFi (Кiх NHL) for all i;

  • Рi – profit on realization Хi of the goods in the market, where Рi WFi for all i;

  • PGMi - the price of i goods in the market;

  • К – quantity of the population;

  • Р – cumulative market profit, where Р = Рi;

  • If PGMi (WFi + Ci): Кi for all i; that Р :К NHL; (1)

  • If WFi (Кiх NHL) increases PGMi, that PGMi (WFi + Ci) :Кi.

If financial balances of all levels provide a condition 1, then they maintain social and economic stability of society by starting standard of financial wellbeing (Fig. 01 ).

Figure 1: Maintain social and economic stability of society
Maintain social and economic stability of society
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Aspects of realization economic wellbeing

For ensuring global economic wellbeing, the government of the countries, the authorities of regions and cities together with departments and the enterprises of various branches of economy count balances of the country, regions, cities and their inhabitants which have to provide financially realization of products, goods and services of healthy activity and their consumption.

The states set the fiscal rule for heads of the enterprises:

- to provide with a salary of each employee of not less monthly cost of products, goods and services of healthy activity.

Regulation mechanisms for deduction of a ratio of the price, the salary, costs of production of products, goods, services and profit within social and economic stability turn on:

  • Market mechanism of regulation by the enterprises increase in labor productivity and quality of production.

  • Market mechanism of regulation by sectors of economy and branches equilibrium prices.

  • It is market - the state interindustry mechanism of regulation of global economic wellbeing adjustment of the equilibrium prices.

  • State mechanism of regulation of system violation of a ratio by 1 enterprises, sectors of economy and branches establishment of the equilibrium prices.

And also fiscal rules of economy work:

  • Lack of speculative operations.

  • The prices decrease if quality has worsened.

  • Taxes are collected for payment of the immaterial optimized work and social programs.

  • Realization of products of goods of services in territories is optimized.

Drawing up financial balance of the population of urban and rural areas requires scoping of financial security of activity of subjects of managing and local governments, coordination of material and material and financial and cost proportions at the micro level, definition of sources of formation of financial resources of subjects of managing and local governments, definition of the directions of use of financial resources by subjects of managing and local governments. The financial balance of the population of urban and rural areas represents the set of all income and expenses. He considers professional opportunities of a labor resource, economic and economic opportunities of territories for their development and improvement of quality of life of the population. He helps to pursue effective migration policy in territories of the country.

Correctly made financial balance of the population of urban and rural areas maintains market balance of supply and demand.

Macroeconomic balance is reached as result of joint actions of the state and business, factors of production, supply and demand at which a way of use of production resources for creation of various products, goods and services and their distribution between citizens of the population are balanced. Balance is stable use of all resources and optimum realization of economic interests of all citizens of the population in all sectors, spheres, structural elements of economy.

Dynamic balance is reached by regulation of pricing and inter industry balance the equilibrium prices.

The effective mechanism of stabilization of global economic wellbeing is carried out by purchasing power, solvent demand, an equilibration of the prices, optimum increase in pensions and grants, the balanced budgets of the states, positive balances export import by both internal and external investments on implementation of projects of ensuring global economic wellbeing (Bryndin, 2017). Investment into ecological projects, projects on health to maintenance and projects on improvement of quality of life.

Research Methods

In a research methods which are specific to social sciences which have allowed to concretize and realize according to research problems of the requirement of methodological provisions ispolyeovatsya. These are the following research methods: conversation method, method of studying of process and results of activity, questioning method, method of testing, estimation and others.


Basis of global wellbeing the preserving, individual and national aspects are spiritual, economic, social, health. Individual spiritual improvement, formation of culture of the world, refusal of luxury as unnatural requirement and transition to a healthy lifestyle will direct mankind to global wellbeing.


The constant aspiration of imperfect mankind to the world, justice and wellbeing doesn't result in the necessary results. The aspiration of people to spiritual welfare and spiritual unity will help formation of social, economic and healthy wellbeing. The global wellbeing is a unity in freedom under the law of love.


I express gratitude to administration of the Tomsk Polytechnical National University for a possibility of the publication of article.


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