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Exploring User-Generated Audiovisual Translation On Youtube: Constraints And Affordances

Table 1:

ATV-inherent Constraints(Chaume, 1998) YouTube Constraints YouTube Basic and Emergent Prosumer Affordances Creative Strategies Harnessing Affordances
FormalContentTextureSemiotic Legal Community FunctionalEnvironmental Modularity and multimodalityTransparencyConnectedness (ability to hyperlink)Openness (ability to contact each network user+ instant feedback from the audience in the comment section)Metadata and visibility (YouTube search algorithms)Instant feedbackStructuring of content streamAnalytics and statisticsPersonalisation and editorial freedom Voiceover/dubbing, not subtitling to preserve conversational mode of deliverySeeking permission from the authors of the original videos to legalize the practice and capitalizing on social tiesFeedback analysis (comment section) to improve translation quality and structure the content streamTailoring discourse strategies to the specific audience (jargon, humour)Using metatexts (extensive notes and blog entries) to build intertextual network of referencesManipulating visuals to express translator’s identity
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