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The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Entrepreneurial Intention

Table 1:

Factors Survey Items Entrepreneurial Intention Innovativeness Need for Achievement Risk taking Need for Independence
I’m determined to create a firm in the future. .875
I will make every effort to start and run my own firm. .859
I’ve got the firm intention to start a firm someday. .840
My professional goal is becoming an entrepreneur. .821
I have very seriously thought in starting a firm. .754
I’m ready to make anything to be an entrepreneur. .724
I'm open to new ideas. .810
When I do things, I try new ways, new methods. .801
I like to try new things. .789
I see myself as innovative. .748
I can create spontaneous solutions to new problems. .697
I like to deal with unsolved problems. .621
My desire to be successful in my work is very high. .823
I master what I'm doing. .791
I'd like to do the best I can at the job. .775
I plunge into tasks with all my heart. .748
I give great importance to being more successful than others at the job .686
I aim to reach targets above certain standards. .654
My job strategy is taking high risks. .833
I generally do not avoid taking risks. .832
I don't avoid investments possibly with high returns just because they are risky. .774
I usually do not stop taking risks because of fear of making mistakes .773
I do not hesitate to take the risk, even if I cannot foresee the results of some investments clearly. .724
I prefer a risky job that gives premiums and profit shares to sales over a fixed salaried job that has a pay guarantee. .619
I set my work methods myself, without regard to others' considerations. .760
I do not mind being different if I need to be independent. .697
In my work assignments I try to be my own boss .655
Instead of taking orders from others, I would like to make my own decisions about my work. .592
My desire to be independent in my work is very high. .401 .550
% of variance 15.957 15.631 14.250 14.139 8.819
Cronbach’s α 0,930 0,916 0,884 0,885 0,820
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