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Istanbul Traffic Problem: Expert Opinions

Table 4:

Policy Score
20-Recognition of a separate public transport to bicycles 4,52
18- IETT public transportation card issuance by companies 4,26
14- HOV Lane policies 4,24
17-Vehicle sharing applications 4,13
8- Tax reduction and more economical for public transportation 4,00
3- Management of main arteries with participation management 3,91
5 - Flexible pricing on the bridge, higher pricing policies during peak periods 3,48
16-Planning of services by the Administration 3,43
13- Keeping price policies high in corridors where talebin is concentrated 3,36
21-High wage policy in main arteries 3,32
6- Congestion-based charging 3,30
10-The social impact of the border over 10-65 years. The effect of popular cards 2,90
2- Allocating E5 to public transportation during peak hours 2,74
7- Increase of taxes excluding public transportation and commercial vehicles 2,64
1- Allocation of public transportation for the use of private vehicles 2,52
9- Get free public transportation 2,52
15- Adjust the income tax according to the domestic working distance 2,43
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