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Istanbul Traffic Problem: Expert Opinions

Table 2:

Gr No Primary Priorities Secondary Priorities
1 Vehicle frequency Speed
2 Freight frequency and comfort Distance based charging
3 Comfort Charge
4 Planned voyages are on time Not suitable for disabled access
5 Route intervals should be frequent Maritime transportation should be given importance
6 Travel time is long Vehicle occupancy should be low
7 Main transport routes must be provided by public transport Providing a comfortable and comfortable journey
8 Prevent traffic congestion Safe transportation methods
9 Increase supervision Revenue / Earnings
10 Governance Speed (fastest from point A to point B)
11 Security Traffic management authority sharing
12 Single-center management (transportation) Increasing the capacity of roads
13 Subway line construction Establishment of the transport authority
14 Strengthening central and local government cooperation Management of transportation-zoning relationship
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