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Istanbul Traffic Problem: Expert Opinions

Table 1:

Gr No Primary Priorities Secondary Priorities
1 Safe trip Fast service
2 Comfort Lower costs
3 Provide comfortable service to passengers Increase operating quality of the system
4 Transition from private to public transport Providing comfort in public transport
5 Comfortable transportation Fast transportation
6 Solving traffic A wide range of transport networks
7 Planned, integrated, sustainable transportation Service-oriented understanding
8 Public transportation focused planning Becoming the only authority
9 Public transportation focused transportation Accessibility
10 Renewable cities air, environment, zoning Life facilitating transportation
11 Sustainable transportation Integration in Public Transportation
12 Serving the whole of the city Uninterrupted safe, comfortable and accessible
13 To finish the subway projects at the targeted time Abbreviation of travel time
14 Rail system network should be increased Integration must be ensured
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