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Strategic Planning, Innovation, and Business Development Relationship: Turkish Airlines Case Study

Table 6:

Strengths Being strong in domestic market Connected Low-Cost Business Model Anadolu Jet
StrengthsStrengths Having a young fleet structure Transfer Center Transit Taşımacılık
Geographical location of Turkey
Strengths Strong financial structure Hedge Management Cost Leadership
Strengths Having affiliates and subsidiaries Pool system Revenue Management
Strengths Having an increased market share Hub and Spoke system CRM
Opportunities Flight network abroad is expandable Technological Infrastructure E-CRM
Strengths Having an extensive distribution network New Business Model Charter Transportation
Opportunities Increased tourism potential
Strengths Having affiliates and subsidiaries Service Provider Horizontal growth
Opportunities Growth potential of affiliate revenues
Weaknesses Employee dissatisfaction Mobile Application Development Digital Cabin Development System
Threats Increased competition in international and domestic markets
Weaknesses Not having a customer-focused culture Strategic Cooperation Miles and Smiles Program
Threats Infrastructure problems in the sector
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