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Strategic Planning, Innovation, and Business Development Relationship: Turkish Airlines Case Study

Table 3:

Network Strategy Turkish Airlines is pursuing efficient network and marketing strategies to increase its profitability while growing and providing passenger rise to meet capacity increment.
Growth Strategy in Africa In the African region where aviation is growing rapidly, Turkish Airlines' growth plans are continuing.
Customer Focused Global Brand with Strengths Turkish Airlines, which has made great strides in recent years with its geographical position advantage, measures against costly and cost-reducing policies, high service quality regarding low operation cost, importance given to customer satisfaction, successful participation activities, strong network structure and organic growth strategies, today it has become a global brand.
Subsidiaries Turkish Airlines, which has only one subsidiary in 2003, has moved its operational success to institutional development and has become a giant corporation with 12 subsidiaries.
Brand Image Turkish Airlines is making a strategic plan for important projects to improve its global brand image.
Low Cost Operation Turkish Airlines also maintains cost-effective projects to realize its 40 billion TL turnover target with high profitability and reduce its sensitivity to increasing costs.
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