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Organizational Learning and Performance Relation: The Mediating Role of Knowledge Management

Table 1:

Organizational Learning Knowledge Management Operational Performance Financial Performance
Newly learned information about business fields in the last three years ,808
Business performance has been influenced by newly acquired information over the last three years ,799
Acquired critical capabilities of employees over the last three years ,783
Our business is a learning organization. ,689
Processes that allow to exchange information with business partners ,884
Processes that can learn about business partners ,875
Processes that will transform competitive thinking into action plans ,789
Processes to integrate different kinds of information and resources ,727
Customer satisfaction ,847
Service quality ,811
Employee productivity ,754
Job satisfaction ,747
Product quality ,706
Innovation ,659
Increase in sales ,870
Increase in profitability ,827
Market share ,785
Eigen Values 1,163 1,476 6,519 2,041
Variance Explained 15,79548 16,40745 21,18283 16,60772
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