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Is Coopetition Strategy Possible Among Hotels? Findings From London Hotels

Table 6:

Perception of Competition Mean Std. Deviation
Our hotel is located in a highly-competitive area. 6,1333 1,32882
We are operating in a very competitive environment. 6,0933 1,24307
We cannot behave aggressively in our actions against our competitors. 5,8667 1,21180
Cooperative Behaviour
There are some areas in which we could cooperate with our competitors. 5,2533 1,10397
We cooperate with our competitors as much as possible. 4,6533 1,52008
Competition amongst small accommodation providers in London is forcing us to develop cooperative relations with our competitors. 4,5946 1,56956
Competitive Behaviour
We always want to provide best services for our customers. 6,4933 ,84427
We want to be preferred hotel amongst our competitors. 6,3333 1,05694
We intensively advertise our hotel in the hotel market. 5,5067 1,78108
Coopetitive Behaviour (simultaneous cooperation and competition)
To improve conditions in the hotel industry we are ready to cooperate with other hotels. 5,4865 1,20777
Competition should be replaced by cooperation when working relationships are appropriate. 5,4189 1,09803
We are cooperating and competing simultaneously. 5,1892 1,32081
Benefits of Coopetition
Coopetition produces better-quality services. 5,8378 1,38512
Coopetition increases our chances of success. 5,5946 1,35403
All stakeholders would benefit positively if coopetition were applied properly. 5,5811 1,38492
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