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Determining Service Quality Dimensions of Social Commerce Websites

Table 1:

Author(s) Scale Dimensions
Joel R. Evans, Vanessa E. King (1999) Business to Business Web Site Assessment Tool Home page design, overall site design and performance, text content, audio-visual elements,interaction and involvement
A. Parasuraman, Valarie A. Zeithaml, Arvind Malhotra (2000) E-SQ Reliability, responsiveness, access, flexibility, ease of navigation, efficiency, assurance/trust, security/privacy, price knowledge, site aesthetics, customization/personalization
Novak, Thomas P., Hoffman, Donna L., Yung, Yiu-Fai (2000) Compelling Online Experience Easy to contact, easy ordering, easy payment, easy returns, easy to cancel, quick delivery, customer support, cutting edge, variety, quality info, reliability, security, low prices
Kaynama and Black (2000) E-Qual Content, accessibility, navigation, design/presentation, responsiveness/ feedback, background information, personalization, customization
Boonghee Yoo, Naveen Donthu (2001) Sitequal Ease of use, design, processing speed, security
Mary Wolfinbarger, Mary Gilly (2003) E-TailQ Website design, fulfilment/reliability,privacy/security customer service
Harold Webb, Linda Webb (2004) Sitequal Reliability, assured empathy, perceived usability, tangibility, navigability, relevant representation, trustworthiness, accuracy, security
A. Parasuraman, Valarie A. Zeithaml, Arvind Malhotra (2005) E-S-Qual Efficiency, fulfilment, system availability, privacy
E-RecS-Qual Responsiveness, compensation,contact
Eduard Cristobal, Carlos Flavián, Miguel Guinalíu (2007) Perceived e-service quality (PeSQ) Website design, customer service, assurance, order management
Nelson Kee Fu Tsang , Michael T. H. Lai & Rob Law (2010) E-Service Quality Website functionality, information content &quality, fulfilment and responsiveness,safety and security, appearance and presentation, customer relationship
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